How to Enroll in Army ROTC

​If you are interested in Army ROTC:

1. Contact Recruiting Office for more information

2. Look over instructions on documents

3. Complete these forms (see instructions and links below)

  • Army ROTC Release/Waiver of Reliability
  • Dental Exam Form
  • DA Form 3425-R
  • CC Form 104-R
  • CC form 137-R
  • CC From 136-R
  • CC Form 139-R

4. Sign up for MLSC class

5. Contact LOGTECH to be issued a uniform

You are now enrolled in ROTC. Begin showing up to PT, Labs, and classes.

Basic Enrollment Documents

The basic enrollment documents are required for students to participate outside of the classroom (e.g. freshmen are only required to attend their Military Science class but may also want to participate in physical training, leadership labs, etc.). These forms are for liability only, there is no commitment being made by completing them. Please note, if you cannot access the forms you may need to update Adobe. Please use the Basic Enrollment Documents Instruction when completing the forms. Be sure to make note of any questions and we will address them at a later time. 

Cadet Application and Enrollment Record CC 139 R is the most important form when initiating the enrollment process. Students cannot be entered into our CCIMM database without the first, second, and third (blocks 48 thru 53) pages of this form completed. Only complete the first, second, and third (blocks 48 thru 53) pages, the other pages will be done at a later date with the Enrollment Officer. Please fill this form out to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure of something please make a note and let us know.

Academic Worksheet Plan (CC 104R) plays a major role in the contracting/scholarship process. Please use the step-by-step instructions and make note of any questions.

Army Senior ROTC/Junior ROTC Contract of Indemnification and Release/Waiver of Liability – generically states that you, the student, understand that there is an inherent risk of injury or death with no matter what you may do in life. Please ask if you have any questions with this form. Your first and last name are required on page one and complete the bottom of page two.  

Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits for ROTC Cadets (CC 136R) explains the benefits once the student has been entered into our database. For example, “Enrolled ROTC cadets and applicants for enrollment who suffer illness/injury as a result of authorized (scheduled and supervised) training, or authorized travel to and from such training, are eligible for compensation through the Department of Labor/Department of Veteran Affairs”. 

Authorization/Declination for Access to Student Records (CC 137R) protects the students’ academic records. 

Dental Exam Requirements form allows students to be transported in a government vehicle. Without this completed form on file students are not authorized to be in a government vehicle. The ROTC Program needs nothing other than the information on this form. Please do not have x-rays or files sent to the office. 

Medical Fitness Statement for Enrollment in Basic Course, Senior ROTC (DA 3425) must be signed by a Healthcare Provider. Students who are DODMERB qualified (not MEPS) DO NOT need to complete this form. Please contact Student Health Services for more information on scheduling appointments.

In addition to these forms and documents we also require the below documents:

  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of Social security card